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My name is Anne, and I'm a software engineer based in Seattle, WA. I have experience in JavaScript, React, PostgreSQL, Ruby, and Go.

Most recently, I built Arroyo, a lightweight framework for granularly rehydrating logs from cloud storage into Elasticsearch.


  • Full Name: Anne Jones
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Email: hello@annejones.dev

Technical Skills

  • Languages: JavaScript, Go, Ruby, SQL
  • Frameworks: React, Redux, Express
  • Technologies: Nginx, PostgreSQL, Docker
  • Cloud: AWS, Heroku

Arroyo is a lightweight framework that facilitates the rehydration of logs archived in cloud storage back into Elasticsearch.


Users can reingest logs by date range, and they may also input search terms to further refine their search.

These logs are indexed back into Elasticsearch, and are then readily available within the user's Kibana dashboard.

Arroyo query ingestion

Arroyo deploys all of the AWS infrastructure needed to rehydrate logs automatically.

Once the work is done, Arroyo can destroy that infrastructure just as easily to avoid unnecessary resource use.

Arroyo deployment
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